Privacy Policy for ClearPixel

Effective date: 2.1.2024.

1. Company Information

Company Name: ClearPixel

Contact Email:

2. Overview of the Service

ClearPixel is a SaaS web app that leverages AI to restore and enhance the quality of old photos. User information, including full name, email, and avatar image, is used solely for display purposes within the app.

3. Data Collection

The only data collected includes the user's full name, email, and the image they provide to Google during the registration process.

4. Use of Collected Information

User data is utilized exclusively for displaying relevant information to the user when logged into the app.

5. User Rights

Users have the right to request account deletion. To do so, they can contact ClearPixel at

6. Security Measures

The security of user data relies on Google Sign-In and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

7. Data Retention

User data is stored until the user decides to delete their account.

8. Third-Party Services

ClearPixel uses Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and Stripe for data collection. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these services for further details.

9. Cookies

ClearPixel employs Google Analytics and Meta Pixel cookies for tracking. Users have the option to manage cookies directly in their browsers. Upon registering and using the app, users automatically accept the use of cookies.

10. Updates to the Privacy Policy

Users will be notified of any updates to the privacy policy on the ClearPixel website. It is advisable to periodically review the policy for changes.

11. Compliance

ClearPixel aims to comply with relevant data protection regulations. Users are encouraged to verify the app's compliance with applicable laws in their jurisdiction.

12. Children's Privacy

ClearPixel treats user data consistently, regardless of age. The app is open for use by individuals of all ages.